Why do we come to school?


Posted by travisy | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on February 3, 2015

Why do we come to school? I know you’d rather sleep all day so why do we go.First of all we come to school so we can learn life skills and prepare us for a future job. We do so many subject so we have a choice of what job we want and  help us learn about global issues and help us learn to become independent and responsible.We also go to school to create lifetime friendships and socialistic with other people you don’t usually talk to and develop deep thinking and find out what we want to do for a future career. To be inspired to make a difference in the world

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Great post, Travis. You included a terrific lot of thoughts in a short paragraph. There’s some deep thinking there. Well done.

Mrs Yore

Well done Travis – I really like your thoughts on why we come to school.
Mrs Mac

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